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You know you can count on Tesori to deliver excellence, beauty, craftsmanship, and quality,

but perhaps what sets Tesori apart is our commitment to invest 25% of total sales in efforts to transform stories of exploitation

to stories of restoration. We do this in close collaboration with trusted partners in Italy. Read below about the amazing work they are doing, and how we are working together to empower survivors to thrive.

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Alleanza Tesori Raggianti (ATR) is a network that connects established and developing anti-trafficking practitioners and advocates across Italy who are burdened by the injustice of commercial sexual exploitation in Italy.


ATR seeks to equip, empower and unite its members believing that much more can be accomplished together than alone. Currently ATR is made up of nearly 100 practitioners and advocates who are actively serving in more than 20 towns and cities across Italy. Collectively these groups do more than 200 outreaches in their respective cities annually where they reach more than 3,000 victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. 

ATR believes that one of the most critical ways to assist victims of trafficking to escape modern slavery in Italy today is through economic empowerment programs like Tesori. 


Alba exists to provide long term housing, recovery and training programs for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Italy. We are relentlessly committed to offering viable solutions to survivors for a way out of the sex industry, an opportunity for profound healing and restoration and a new start in life.

Eventually, Tesori will be the reintegration arm of the Alba Recovery Programming providing job skills training, resources and experience to help survivors of trafficking achieve economic independence through dignifying employment.



New Hope is a social program in southern Italy that affords dignifying employment for survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation. At New Hope they are crafting the beautiful hand sewn pen pouches that are included with each Tesori pen. So, you can shop knowing that every Tesori purchase means a beautiful pen for you while empowering them to truly be free.

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