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Our Commitment 

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us. It is our desire to be known for our commitment to some key values which are foundational for all we do and we hope they will come shining through.


Luxury pens are our signature product and when you collect a Tesori piece you can be assured it is high-end, quality, and handcrafted with excellence. 


Every piece we create is beautiful in its own unique and stunning way, beginning as a raw piece of carefully selected material from vintage, to acrylic resin, to woods, to custom poured and more. Some are classy, some are colorful, some have depth of texture and others are made from something exotic. All are chosen with a vision in mind of the beautiful work of art it will become in the hands of our artisans.


Every Tesori piece is handmade. Our luxury pens are not manufactured but rather artfully designed and skillfully handcrafted by our artisans. We can assure you that each and every pen receives special attention from a talented craftsman from start to finish.


From our nibs to our converters to our hardware and materials, we only choose the best quality components so that each finished Tesori piece will give you the best writing experience for years to come. We take pride in delivering quality work so that you can simply enjoy your pen and pass it down for generations to come. 

Customer Satisfaction

Not only is it important to us that the products we create are excellent but that your experience collecting them is memorable in the best ways. We are attentive to the smallest details because we believe they can make a big difference. From quality control of every piece in our shop to the hand stamped packaging and personal assembly of every order, we have our collectors in mind.



Our name means “treasures” in Italian. It is symbolic not only of the pieces we

create to be treasured by those who collect them, but also of the “treasures”

trapped in modern slavery who we seek to empower.


Manuel and Jon love making pens and are exceptionally skilled at it, but they also love creating opportunities for broken lives to be restored. While the primary aim at Tesori is to craft quality pens, the greater vision is to underwrite efforts that assist survivors of sexual exploitation to rebuild their lives and thrive. What better reason to create handmade pens that will be treasured for a lifetime than to empower lives to be transformed.



Jon is the master craftsman at Tesori. He is always envisioning new designs and creating new models which give Tesori an innovative edge. His artistic eye and exceptional turning skills make true works of art out of each piece he makes. 

Jon lives near Milan, Italy with his wife, Erika, and two daughters. Erika is the Director of ATR, a national alliance of anti-trafficking practitioners and advocates across Italy. Together Jon and Erika are seeking to empower survivors of trafficking in Italy and those who serve them.


Manuel is a native Italian with a passion for woodworking and all that Tesori stands for. He is working alongside Jon to create Tesori pens and will help push Tesori to the next level.  

Manuel lives in Bologna, Italy with his wife, Cristhina, and their son. Cristhina is the Co-Coordinator of an association directly serving victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in their city. Together they assist those who want to escape and begin again.

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