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The Bologna collection is inspired by the porticoes of Bologna, Italy. The porticoes are archways that Bologna

is famous for and this unique feature of the city is recognized as a symbol of the city’s hospitality.

The porticoes are represented by the shape of both the cap and body of the Bologna model.

This form is sometimes referred to as a “cigar” shape and we love its simplicity and elegance.

The Bologna model is about 5 3/4 inches (15.6cm) in length when capped.

The threads on it are 14 mm which make the grip section of the pen about 12.9mm.

The body of the pen is between 15-15.5mm wide and the cap is about 17mm at the widest point.

For a rounded shape that is as friendly in the hand as the pen is to paper, the Bologna model is just right. 


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