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Rollerball pens capture the effortless writing experience of using a fountain pen, but with the convenience of an easy-to-use tip and refillable cartridge. They are the best of both worlds and leave a great impression on both the paper and the writer. Our rollerball pens are made from the highest-quality wood and resin materials from around the world. Each one is handcrafted making it a unique work of art. 


Our Roller-Stilo Collection includes two models to further customize your pen. The two models look identical when capped but each provides a different option based on your preference. The first model is our standard which is made with a rollerball tip. The second model is fitted with a fountain pen nib which allows the pen to function like our other fountain pen models but is made with the metal components of the rollerball pen body instead of the completely handmade body of our other fountain pens.


Any pen in our Roller-Stilo collection will make a distinctive statement and be a joy to use. Collect one for yourself or shop to find one that will make an outstanding gift.

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