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Ballpoint pens are the most popular and commonly used type of pen worldwide. At Tesori we proudly craft our ballpoint pens to maintain this familiar feel while elevating it with the same commitment to beauty and craftsmanship that we dedicate to our fountain pen collections.

Our Sfera collection of ballpoint pens are made from the highest quality materials from around the world and available in a variety of styles. Each pen features a long barrel of beautiful resin, acrylic, wood or other material that is crafted into a unique work of art. Our ballpoints not only have a sleek and modern look, but their smooth operating twist mechanism ensures the ultimate ballpoint writing experience. Each one is equipped with a Parker-type ink cartridge.


Collect a high-quality, functional piece of art that you can use everyday. It will become a faithful friend.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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