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The Venezia collection is designed with some unique elements to represent the one-of-a-kind beauty of Venice. This infamous city of palaces built on a lagoon, accessed only by waterways, is extraordinary and our Venezia collection is one of our most original pen models.  


Like the floating city of Venice, our Venezia model has a stunning streamline design with no step between the cap and the body and a polish that shines like the surface of Venetian waterways. Venice is full of colorful culture and art which is reflected in the colorful components that pop against the rest of the pen. Venice is also known for its Murano glass and this model boasts an original ink window component giving you a convenient view of your ink level. Perhaps the most unique feature of this pen collection is that each one is inlaid with a gorgeous piece of Murano glass, hand blown in Venice, and placed into the converter by our artisans.


The Venezia model is designed to have the appearance of being a piston filler but is actually a threaded converter filler with the hidden glass piece inside. In this way it can easily be serviced by the customer. It has a unique ink window and a hidden blind cap where you can access the converter knob to fill the pen. This pen is about 14.5mm at its widest point and a little less than 5.5 inches (14cm) long. 


The pen itself is a work of art and paired with a carefully chosen one-of-a-kind piece of Venetian glass it is sure to be a treasured piece for anyone who collects one!


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